Not quite working as intended yet but i’m warming to the idea of (micro) blogging thoughts in a personal space again vs. a central hub like Twitter. Currently running which is basically hosted Jekyll. Let’s see if this sticks.

iPad tip; if you use a mac or pc as a media center and ‘need’ a remote app check out touchpad. Works like a charm and affordable too.

He refrigerator just been stocked with fresh coriander pesto by @bosamber feel free to come and pick up your taster jar :) (@ nomadz)

things to do in dusseldorf; the renewed K21, having a beer in the grass next to Apollo, Staying at Burns hotel, Chilling at Insel Hombroich

Loving this place. Usually wasn’t open but they are back with a vengeance. I haven’t heard of most of these dishes ever. #exotica

Toch maar op weg naar een cafe om dan tenminste de finale te kijken. Onze buren organiseren een Spaans feestje, ook leuk ;)