Kilowatt helps you easily estimate when your electric car will be charged up and ready to go again. While most electric cars come with a companion app it’s not always easy to see when your battery will be full after hooking up your charger. With Kilowatt you simply select your car model and the charger type and you’ll receive a notification when the app estimates your battery will be full.

Kilowatt offers the following features:

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Handy for owners of an electric car, or potential owners who are looking to get a feel for how long their favorite model would take to charge in different conditions.

How does it work?

Use the Kilowatt charging time to estimate when your car will be ready for use. After selecting your car and the charger type you can start a timer for a custom goal charge, or quickly select 80% or a full 100% charge with one tap.

How we estimate charge time

The estimated time is based on your selection and the charging profile for your car. When a custom profile is not yet avaiable we use an average profile for most electric cars e.g. taking into account typical charging inefficiencies and the drop-off in speed after about 80%.

Graph showing charging speed over time

For example: If you have a car that can charge at max 40kW, and select a fast charger that allows for 150kw we will estimate the charge time based on the max charge speed of the car. Minus the inefficiency for the current battery level. So at 30% charge you might get close to 40kW, but once you pass 80% it will drop down to 20kw or less. Our estimated end time will reflect this.


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